Welcome To Corel Draw 11 Complete Course in Urdu Lecture #4

                        Topic:  Colour Mixing In Corel Draw for Graphics 
                                              Corel Draw11

                     Dear Friends in Today Lecture We will Start Learning Colour Mixing in Corel Draw11.This is very Impostant Topic which is most Important in our Professional to Advance Level Course.If you want to work on big Projects in Corel Draw you must have some skills about mixing Colours in Corel Draw.We will start our next lectures after I will learn you Colour mixing tools in Corel Draw11.Follow the below video.                            
                        Learn Colours Mixing In Urdu

                       Learn Corel Draw11 Important Tools
Dear Friends the above Video Lecture.we learn you how set mixing the colours in corel draw11.I m again Serving you with Most & widely 90% useful Tools in Corel Draw11.Dear Friends through these tools you can easily make in logo diagrams , posters , banners, any design in Corel Draw you can make through these important tools, such as ''Shape'' Tool in Corel Draw. follow the below video for  Complete guidance in Urdu.In next Lectures viewers we will Start Some big Work.which might give you interest in Corel Draw.Now follow the Below video. 

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