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 Dear Friends WWW.OnlineSoftWeb.Blogspot.Com Serving You Friends With Computer Hardware Technology  Complete Professional to Advance Level Course in Urdu Language.Friends You Should must have Skills in Computer Hardware, mostly peoples in the World are easily use Computer Technology But If their Computer having a Problem then they have Indigence of others, which is not good thing for us because it is also Impact on our financial matters.and Today's World is So fast and We Should need to become a Smart like others.So I m Learning you about Computer Hardware so this is very simple for you Friends that you learn Computer Hardware Properly & Professionally, In this Course I will Serve you With Complete Computer Hardware Course in Urdu & Hindi.First of all All Computers Users are very Smart in Ruining their Computer & Laptop I mean Computer Software's. Sorry Friends I forget to tell you that Computer is Divided in two Parts First is Computer Hardware and Second is Computer Software and I means mostly Peoples Know about Computer Software but Peoples are not know about Computer  Hardware Technology Which is  Important that you have Skills In Computer Hardware.Friends the Important thing is that if you are interested in Computer Technology then you have must Computer both  Software & Hardware Skills.In This Course I will Serve you Friends With Complete Professional to Advance Level Computer Hardware Course.and all guidance is absolutely free for you my dear friends.and This Course will Step by step guide you  in learning & understanding Computer Hardware.In this Course I will also Learn you How you can Connect many other devices with Computer.So if you  financially low then you Can Open an Computer Hardware Repairing Shop Which might help you financially.So Friends The video Lectures Which is given below can proof beneficial for you and you will become a Professional in Computer Technology.Even if you have any hardware problem,s then you can easily repair your System.For Example if you want to Change your Computer RAM which is Stand for (Random Access Memory) then you can easily change & modify your Computer RAM like you want to enhance your Ram or if your Ram is damage then you can easily change or  add new Ram in your System and also Computer Hardware other Parts like CD/DVD Rom , Hard disk , Processor , VGA Card , mother board all these Hardware you can easily learn in this course and after Learning this Smart Computer Hardware Technology Course you will become a Professional in Computer Hardware I Know Friends MashaAllah you are Smart in Computer Software but My aim is that you are master in Computer Hardware & Software.and if you face any problem in this Course then feel free to give your Comments in below Comments box.I 'm 24 hours Present for Serving you my dear friends.I m Sharing Hardware All Parts Introduction Picture that may help you in Understand Computer Hardware Parts.and then Follow the below video Lectures to Start your 
Hardware Course.and after Learning this Course you can do Some Particle Inclement Computer.I also Share Hardware Course in PDF (Adobe Reader File) in Urdu So you Can learn
 more about Computer Hardware. Now follow the below video Lectures.

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Start Learning Hardware Technology in Below Video Lectures!! 

Lecture # 1

Lecture #2

Lecture #3

Lecture #4

Lecture #5
Lecture #6   

Lecture #7

Lecture #8

Lecture #9


Lecture #10
 Lecture #11

Lecture #12

Lecture #13

Lecture #14

Lecture #15

Lecture #16

Lecture #17

Lecture #18

Lecture #19 

Lecture #20

Lecture #21

Lecture #22

Lecture #23

Lecture #24

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  2. Please hardware course ki CD ka nam bata den.taake ham market se ise purchase kar sakhen

  3. usman:-Please hardware course ki CD ka nam bata den.taake ham market se ise purchase kar sakhen.

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  8. Hi!
    i am unable to access these video lectures!
    any slution

    1. Dude because the youtube is blocked in pak and these videos are in youtube . So u need to download hotspot shield from google for free and after you download it then connect it and then see these videos .

  9. Vedio nahi chal rahi hai

  10. @Husnain Raza

    These Videos are hosted on Youtube.and Youtube is Still Block in Pakistan So therefore the lectures are not showing but i will Pulish the Videos of lectures soon as Possibles for you my friends.Stay Blessed and Share this Website with your Friends

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  14. bhai ya video nahi chal ri plz mujay bohat nd hy hardware course ki kindly info me plz thankx