Inapge 2011 & All Versions Professional to Advance Level Course In Urdu!! 


   Inpage is Basically Urdu Software.In Market & Software World    many Urdu Software's are come and but at the Top of the List  Urdu Inpage is No.1 Software for urdu & Arabic Solutions.You Can also write  many languages in Urdu Inpage.Inpage is Widely use in Urdu typing Urdu ,Arabic Solutions.Even all Urdu Text  Graphics, designers used Inpage for getting & writing Urdu and Arabic text.Even All Web Designers use Inpage for Design their Urdu websites.You can also Import Inpage Software file to other  Software like Corel Draw (Any version) , Adobe Photoshop (Any Version) and Ms Word 2007 & 2010 etc.You Can easily Type Urdu In Inpage by also getting help its Phonetic Keyboard help where you can find How you can type Urdu and finds it typing key words.You Can design many things in Inpage.Inpage All version Complete Professional to Advance Level Course is available on OnlineSoftWeb.Blogspot.Com .So here you can Learn Inpage Software all versions.
You can easily makes Visiting Cards text with Complete Formatting features.Inpage is widely use
in the world for Urdu typing.Now OnlineSoftWeb Serve you with Inpage Complete Professional 
Course.Follow the below Inpage Video Lectures.  .Ask Questions because Questions are Cool & 
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The above 20 Steps Which we will discuss and Learn In Below Video 
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How to Convert Inpage  Text File to Ms Word 2007?
Friends I Hope after Watching Above video Playlist Lectures.You get
 a great knowledge about Inpage . I m Serving you again with 
about Inpage Learnings.If you have Urdu text  file in Inpage and 
you want to Convert it into Ms Word 2007 & 2010 then Friends
 Online SoftWeb make it easier for you.Follow the below video Lecture.  


      How to Convert Inpage Text to Corel Draw?

 Friends Inpage is the Best Urdu Software because Inpage text 
file is Convertibility of text to other Softwares like Ms word ,
Corel Draw ,Adobe Photoshop .So here on this Video Lecture 
will Learn Converting Inpage text file to Ms Word.follow the 
below video lectures.

How to Import Inpage text to Adobe Photoshop cs3?

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in this video lecture i will learn you how to Import inpage text file to 
Adobe Photoshop CS3.Follow the below video Instructions.